Once you have sown your seeds, you should examine them at least once a day.Propagators They shouldn’t require further watering before you see the first green shoots unless the surface of the compost shows any signs of drying out.

When you see the first signs of growth, move the pot or tray to a location where it is in full light but not direct sun. Once the shoots are well under way, remove any glass or plastic covers so that the air can circulate around the seedlings. If you have sown more than one variety in the same container, remember that not all the seedlings will appear at the same time. When most of your seeds have started growing, reduce the temperature by moving them to a slightly cooler location. Any that you have on a windowsill need to be turned daily due to the seedlings tendency to grow towards the light.

You must ensure that the seedlings are kept moist at all times but, to avoid over-watering, wait until the surface of the compost starts to dry before carefully watering again. The seedlings will not require feeding at this stage as their own food stores and nutrients in the compost will be sufficient.

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