The perfect range for beginner gardeners to get growing.

There has been a huge increase in the number of people discovering the enjoyment and benefits of gardening in recent years. We hope that you are one of these and we want to encourage you to be the thriving gardeners of the future.

For those of you who are new to growing your own vegetables, your first view of all the seeds that are available to grow can be pretty daunting. If you wanted to try carrots, which of the 20 types would be best for you? From the two dozen tomatoes, what is going to be right for you?

Instead of a bewildering array of varieties, we have created a range that simply comprises the most popular, tastiest and reliable vegetables that might usually be bought in a supermarket.

Seven of the most popular herbs head up this range. Fresh herbs are a great addition to meals and surpass the dried versions for flavour. You can grow them outside if you have the space or, if you have a free windowsill, you could grow a selection all year round.

We have taken away the variety name on the front of the packet to reduce confusion and have re-labelled them in more everyday terms. For instance, there are three carrots – ‘Large’, ‘Finger’ and ‘Baby’. For those with limited time as well as experience, the range is finished off with a collection of easy to use tapes and mats which are all impregnated with seed and reduce the need for thinning out.

All the instructions on the packets have been written to try and avoid jargon and keep things simple but, in case there are terms that are unfamiliar now or you come across some as you try new varieties, we have included a glossary of terms that will help you demystify growing from seed.

We hope that these few pages will give you all the help you need.